Available finishes

of Oak Retro Collection floors

3 warstwy olejowosku

3 layers of oil-wax finish

Oil-wax infiltrates the structure of wood, underlining its natural beauty and, at the same time, preserving the floor.

Intensywne ślady po pile

Strong saw marks

Numerous and strong saw marks on the board surface perpendicular to the board edge. Such marks give a floor a definite structure and a rustic character.


Sharp edged

The combination of individual floor elements without a characteristic bevel ensures the effect of a nearly uniform surface.



Involves brushing of the soft parts of grains in order to obtain small pits. Gives an antique appearance to the floor.

Ślady po pile

Saw marks

Saw traces on the board surface perpendicular to the board edge. Traces of different intensity give a floor a very rustic character.



A traditional wood-shaping method makes the surface undulating and uneven. Dents created during the process may also go beneath the surface.

Fazowanie V4

V4 bevelling

Consists in gentle cutting of all four edges of the board. Optically exposes individual floor elements.

Ręczna faza V4

Manual V4 bevelling

A process consisting in gentle cutting of all four edges of the board with a manual planer. Bevelling with varying intensity creates smaller or bigger dents on connections of individual floor elements

Faza nieregularna

Irregular bevel

Consists in varied finishing of edges of individual floor elements.

Ogrzewanie podłogowe

Floor heating

The floor may be fitted with underfloor heating.

Dimmensions & series

of Oak Retro Collection floors

Wymiary Luxury Retro

Luxury Retro

Wymiary Chevron Retro

Chevron Retro

Wymiary FertigDeska Retro

FertigDeska Retro

Wymiary Design Experience Retro

Design Experience Retro