Floors tailored to the client's needs

Natural beauty

The Retro Collection floors combine love of natural beauty with design and functionality. Originally styled oak boards meet the needs of users who look for extraordinary solutions and an original character for their interiors.

Expressive or subtle?

The collection consists of hand-styled, raw-looking boards inspired by the land development of Warmia and Masuria, rough boards with well-defined texture and pronounced saw marks as well as smooth and velvety floors - subtle and delicate to the touch

A wide range of colours and a great selection of wood finishes make the Retro Collection floors a great complement to any interior, combining separate decor elements into a coherent whole.


Owing to their unique design, hand styling of a surface and diverse sizes of individual boards, Retro floors give interiors their own rhythm - they add dynamics or, conversely, make the rooms more serene. Consequently, a home's decor reflects the tastes of its residents and their lifestyles, constituting a harmonious whole.

Home Zone 2017 award for quality and reliability.

Home Zone 2017 Laureate

Home Zone is a nationwide project whose goal is to certify products and services as a role model. In cooperation with representatives of industry media and outstanding and recognized architects, a distinction is awarded that confirms the highest quality and reliability, as well as a guarantee of above-average functionality and considerable aesthetics. In 2017, the Retro Collection from Jawor-Parkiet was among the laureates.

Pure Line

This line combines design and innovation. The outcome of such a combination is the floor exposing the subtle character of a natural raw material. The surface undergoes a unique process of planing and becomes perfectly smooth, almost velvety, ensuring a pleasant perceptive experience of its users. Individual floor elements are enriched by a four-sided bevelling. Pure line stands for delicacy, good taste and comfort.

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Oak Retro Pure Line

Oak Retro Pure Line

Oak Retro Pure Line

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Brushed Line

The line brings out the best in wood and makes each home more naturefriendly. The board surface undergoes the process of intense brushing, which underlines the original grain of the wood and gives a strong antique appearance to the floor. Brushed grains expose quaint shades and contrasts by playing with colours and light and ensure a unique effect. Four-sided bevelling optically accentuates individual floor elements, thus making the surface more dynamic. Brushed line is a synonym for tradition combined with originality.

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Oak Retro Brushed Line

Oak Retro Brushed Line

Dark Omen
Oak Retro Brushed Line

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Intensive Line

This line is like mutually attractive opposites: minimalism and austerity are combined with clearly perceptible, almost rough, structure. This dynamic is a result of strong saw marks made in different directions for a unique grid shape. A clear pattern looks as if it was three-dimensional, it refracts light and makes the colouring vague. Elimination of the four-sided bevel produces an effect of a uniform surface, which optically enlarges the interior. Characteristic, original Intensive line floors will dominate the whole space, emphasizing its character. The line is a synonym for creative elegance and urban design.

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Alpine White
Oak Retro Intensive Line

Oak Retro Intensive Line

Oak Retro Intensive Line

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Handmade Line

The Handmade line was inspired by the design of traditional Warmian and Masurian land development. The region was dominated by wooden architecture - years back the most popular building materials included oak logs, rectangular blocks and classic boards with numerous knots on the floors. For an exceptionally rustic character of the floors, wood undergoes numerous processes such as hand-planing, intensive brushing, colouring and oiling. Natural cracks and discolorations on the floor surface imitate the effects of long-term use.

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Grey Squall
Oak Retro Handmade Line

Old Mill
Oak Retro Handmade Line

Masurian Binduga
Oak Retro Handmade Line

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