Grey Squall

Oak Retro Handmade Line

The colour, inspired by landscapes of Warmia and Masuria, will certainly evoke positive associations among sailors as it conjures up the image of a dark, grey and rough lake on a rainy day. Owing to its cool, grey and brown colouring, the floor will match modern-style rooms and add some elegance to rustic interiors.

The floor is presented in the series
FertigDeska Retro

A finished two-layer board with the following dimensions: 1500x150x14 mm.
Finishes: 3 layers of oil-wax, brushing, planing, manual V4 bevelling

Handmade Line

The Handmade line was inspired by the design of traditional Warmian and Masurian land development. The region was dominated by wooden architecture - years back the most popular building materials included oak logs, rectangular blocks and classic boards with numerous knots on the floors. For an exceptionally rustic character of the floors, wood undergoes numerous processes such as hand-planing, intensive brushing, colouring and oiling. Natural cracks and discolorations on the floor surface imitate the effects of long-term use.

Finishes applied

Grey Squall - Oak Retro Handmade Line

Display descriptions of finishes
3 warstwy olejowosku

3 layers of oil-wax finish

Oil-wax infiltrates the structure of wood, underlining its natural beauty and, at the same time, preserving the floor.



Involves brushing of the soft parts of grains in order to obtain small pits. Gives an antique appearance to the floor.



A traditional wood-shaping method makes the surface undulating and uneven. Dents created during the process may also go beneath the surface.

Ręczna faza V4

Manual V4 bevelling

A process consisting in gentle cutting of all four edges of the board with a manual planer. Bevelling with varying intensity creates smaller or bigger dents on connections of individual floor elements

Ogrzewanie podłogowe

Floor heating

The floor may be fitted with underfloor heating.

Available dimensions and series

of floors Retro Collection Oak

Wymiary Luxury Retro

Luxury Retro

FertigDeska Luxury - the real "queen" among our planks, designed with the thought of those especially appreciating luxury and unique aesthetics.

The Luxury line was designed according to the newest global trends. Exceptionally wide and made out of the highest quality selected oaken planks constitutes the quintessence of perfection. It is noble and unique, still very functional.

Wymiary FertigDeska Retro

FertigDeska Retro

FertigDeska - a finished with varnish or oil-wax two-ply floor. The noble surface layer is made out of natural wood and is 4 mm or 6 mm thick. Produced from oak, ash or exotic wood.

The underlayer, called the stablising layer, simplifies the assembly and improves resistance to deformation. The underlayer is made out of hardwood. FertigDeska is covered with eight layers of varnish or three layers of oil-wax. Thanks to the layered technology the floor is exceptionally durable against mechanical damages and is even given a 30-year warranty.

Wymiary Design Experience Retro

Design Experience Retro

FertigDeska Design Experience is a line of short boards cut to the length of 590 or 600 mm and dedicated to architects.

A uniform size of individual floor elements as well as right and left tongues release creativity in designers and interior decorators thus enabling them to create all kinds of patterns such as, e.g., classic herringbone, squares or ladder. Laying the floor in such a way guarantees a unique effect that will not go unnoticed.

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